Branding. Marketing. Growth.


Online Business Management

Managing all aspects of your online business – operations, people, and projects.

Social Media Management

Plan and implement strategies for your social media accounts. This could be growing your account, getting leads, showcasing your products, and more. 

Personal Development

Guide you with setting and achieving goals for personal growth and self-improvement. 

Brand Development

Find your brand’s identity. It’s more than just a logo. 

Career Coaching

Helping you identify your career goals.

Public & Media Relations Management

Helping to maintain and improve your image or your business’s image.

About Me

Jamie Creed, I/O Psychology

Are you a small business looking to grow and thrive? I’m here to help! Specializing in social media management, online business management, growth strategies, branding, and marketing, I offer comprehensive consulting services tailored to your needs. With expertise in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, I’ll provide insights and strategies to boost your business performance. Let’s work together to achieve your business goals!


United States

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